03 September, 2007

Is this on?

Finally, a video button! Let's see if it works with uncompressed video... this is a clip from a singing session given by a complete stranger in a hotel bar at Stu and Jessica's wedding. Note: this was shortly before the elderly relative in a kilt disrobed for mystified onlookers. By the way, does anyone know of a free video-for-web compressor I can use to convert my digicam video material?

Freedom found in Red Hook

I wish someone had told me I was riding into the ghetto when I pedalled over to Red Hook in Brooklyn this afternoon. And it's not like can even cycle off into the distance with my dinky yellow foldy. In any case, I discovered all too late that I had a beautiful public pool 10 minutes down the road from me. And apart from seeing some scary-ish projects and lots of empty warehouses (including the shell of the new super-Ikea), I found these. They are what seem to be foundation blocks for Freedom Tower (the new Ground Zero building) - I thought it was cool even if no one else does.

Labor Day weekend

It's Labor Day weekend in the States, where everyone takes a day off work to celebrate... work?? (and people say American's don't get irony) In the true American spirit of world's worst pun, I attended a Labor Day party with a theme of... you guessed it... Labor. It's amazing what a towel and a bit of surgical tape can do to a woman. Truly frightening psychology on show, with lots of baby(towel/balloon) patting and cooing. No stopping the ladies with their booze and cigarettes though. This is New York, after all!

20 August, 2007

Yankee Stadium

On a foul weather day, I saw the Yankees play. Don't I look like I've been a fan all my life? I ate hot dogs, Crackerjacks (who you callin' Cracker, Cracker?), drank Miller Lite (that's light on cals NOT percentage points!) and banged on some Irish guys lucky saucepan - all in the name of baseball. And the best part? It was free - come on Interbrand, more perks please.
Local fans who helped bust up the almost-fight between a guy who wouldn't take his hat off during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner and the rest of Yankee Stadium. Boo! Non-patriot, Boo!

08 August, 2007

Where the elite eat in their bare feet

Finally, I was able to satisfy my primal urge to go on a road trip. Destination: Savannah. Home of great lynching trees, the only historical place to still call it the 'war of Northern aggression', and the original concept of 'porch'. Also home to one of the best design schools in the States, unfortunately named SCAG. Julian and I even took Raylene on the occasional dirt road as we visited plantation houses, crab shacks and generally felt the sea wind in our hair.

The 4 day odyssey was a convenient mix of high and lowbrow shenanigans. And everyone is so polite - in fact, hotels even leave a serve yourself liquor cabinet for guests - dangerous! Julian liked that. And did I mention the Crab Shack? I have too many pics of Julian posing with fake sea critters to include here, but you get the idea.

The Gastonian chandelier in our room - I've never slept with a chandelier before.

'Nuff said?

Oh those sweet sweet Georgia peaches.

Spanish mossomania.